I sent Cancellation a message – But he hasn’t responded?

Please keep in mind Cancellation is often very busy. As a full-time emergency doctor/surgeon and trained in medicine he doesn’t get much time to reply! This is why Elite doesn’t offer/include 1-on-1 help. I work 3 other jobs on top of being a Dr.

This isn’t a “dick move”, “money grab” or “pay me and I help you!!” I simply don’t have time. If it was a money grab I could probably earn more offering 1-on-1 Cronus help a year than I do as a doctor!

Countless times I’ve received emails and DMs offering $200+ for 10 minutes of help. I simply don’t have time. I try to help out as frequently and as much as I can in the Community Discord during my spare/free time.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Cancellation is unlikely to reply to a @Ping on Discord. It’s actually a Discord Rule.
  • Cancellation is unlikely to reply to a DM/PM on Discord. It’s actually a Discord Rule.
    Rule 10: Do not message or tag other users unless you are specifically replying to their message. Cancellation will not reply to random Tags and DMs unless he has requested you to do so first. You’ll be warned > muted > banned.
  • If you have an active Elite Membership you get access to priority support.
  • When you “Contact Us” you’re required to agree to some additional terms.
  • Cancellation can only respond in English.
  • Don’t confuse the Elite Membership with the Podia Service (spreadsheets and one-on-one help). This is a separate service. I (Cancellation) have no control over spreadsheets and no access to Podia so will not be able to cancel, modify or edit your membership or provide help/support with this. I just manage the Website/Discord.
  • While you’re setting up your Zen I’m probably cutting somebody open with a knife or performing a life saving operation.