Does Elite include 1-on-1 help?

Unfortunately, no. None of our Elite Status Membership tiers offer or include 1-on-1 help.

However, I do try to help out in the Community Discord in my free time. Elite members get priority and have their own #help-and-support channel. However, Elite isn’t required – I believe support should always be free.

Why don’t you provide 1-on-1?

Simple answer: Time. It’s the same reason I don’t respond to Direct Messages / @Mentions on Discord. See I sent Cancellation a message – but he hasn’t responded? article.

I also believe help should be public. This helps both you and me. By helping in a community public Discord channel It others everyone access and are able to see and search (often faster) and find answers to the same issues.

Providing 1-on-1 help via DM for example would mean frequency repeating myself and others can’t benefit from this.

Keep in mind I’m Cancellation (Web Developer) – Not Lethal Panda (YouTuber). He offers 1-on-1 help (Legendary Tier) here. This isn’t affiliated to me.

This isn’t a “dick move”, “money grab” or “pay me and I help you!!” I simply don’t have time. If it was a “money grab” I could probably earn more offering 1-on-1 Cronus help a year than I do as a doctor!