How to upgrade to Cronus Beta

This step-by-step guide will tell you how to join the Cronus Zen Beta.

All Cronus Zen users should upgrade to this BETA as soon as possible due to several console updates breaking some functionality of the release firmware. See Cronus Zen Beta – What’s New?

  • Download the Collective Minds Update Tool (Windows 7+) or for macOS v10.15 or higher.
    Open the Update Tool and then connect the USB cable into the back of the Cronus Zen (short Micro-B) and while plugging in the USB cable into the PC hold the reset button on the bottom/base of the Cronus Zen while connecting. You should see “Zen Bootloader” on the screen.

    Where it says “Use the Latest Version Available” uncheck this (toggle off) and manually select 2.0.3-beta.105 and click Continue > Begin Update. Now “Start Over” and this time when asked “Use the Latest Version Available” uncheck this again and manually select 2.1.0 Beta.22 and click Continue > Begin Update. You’re now on the latest Beta Firmware!

  • Now Hard Reset your Cronus Zen.
    With nothing connected to the Zen, press and hold down both of the Cronus Zen left and right blue buttons (do no release) while still holding connect a micro-USB cable from Zen’s rear CONSOLE USB Port to your PC. Keep both the P1 and P2 blue buttons held down for at least 4 seconds until the Zen RGB LEDs start to flash RED-GREEN-BLUE. The Collective Minds gear head logo will now display on the Zen OLED Message Screen indicating your Zen is fully functional again.

  • Now clear the Zen Studio temporary cache files.
    You can find a step-by-step guide on how here: Cronus Zen Clean Up Tool and follow the “Cronus Beta” section (NOT the tool itself).

  • Download the latest Zen Studio v1.2.1 Beta 105 here. Windows 10 / 11.

  • You’re now successfully on the latest Beta! You rock.