Zen Studio (v1.5.0 Build 76)

  • Fixed code folding not working when the script ends with } and not a newline, space or tab
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when attempting to open a file which doesn’t exist from for example recent files
  • Fixed online Library ExpandButton when only 3 lines are used
  • Fixed OutputComboBox value when PS5 is selected.
  • Fixed adaptive triggers being inverted on dev monitor.
  • Improved communication optimizations.
  • Improved general stability improved.
  • Improved device Tab text clean up and rephrase.
  • Improved Cronus Zen is required to run Zen Studio.
  • Improved Adjusted HighLight property for inputs and outputs in DeviceMonitor.
  • Improved many visual fixes.
  • Added ADT_SETX opcode
  • Added copy to clipboard buttons for PS5 Adaptive Triggers in device monitor.
  • Added changed XB1_SHARE to be enum 27
  • Added selected text in GPC editor is pasted into the find text when search popup is invoked.
  • Added XB1_SHARE/XB1_SYNC to Max Combo capture. GPC code will show button XB1_SHARE when captured.
  • Added DS5 Adaptive trigger packet out to device monitor. Relabeled PS5 Adaptive triggers constants.
  • Added Top menu Tools option to open the Online Web Update Tool.

You can download the latest version of Zen Studio here.