Zen Studio Failed to Retrieve GamePacks

GamePacks, Library Scripts, Remapper Profiles, and GPC Files can be found on the Programmer tab of Zen Studio.

If you see an error saying “Failed to Retrieve Packs”, it means your ISP is blocking the Cloudflare DNS so you will need to use a VPN service. There are many free ones, CronusZen recommend the VeePN Chrome Extension or ZenMate.

The Programmer panel gives easy access to all GamePacks, GPC Scripts, and Remapping Profiles.

Cronus Zen has 8 x 32k memory slots and you can make any combination of saves including the full CronusMAX PLUS GamePack library as well as Cronus Zen GamePacks with the new OLED Menu System (GamePacks are ready to use MODs that can setup without any programming knowledge), Remapper Profiles (created with the MAX Mapper plugin), GPC Scripts downloaded from the Library), or GPC script files (your saved scripts files).