Cronus Zen Studio Beta Clean-up Procedure

Every time there is a new release of Zen Studio it’s advised that you perform a “Clean-Up” of Zen Studio’s temporarily stored AppData.

The good news is as of Zen Studio v1.2.1 BETA 119 this process had been made pretty straight forward and can now be done directly within the Zen Studio software.

Starting from Zen Studio v1.2.1 BETA 119 you can now do this directly within Zen Studio software. Prefer old school? That’s okay you can still do things the manual way.
2nd November 2022.

Open Zen Studio and navigate to the “Tools” menu.

You can download the latest version from here.

From the Tools menu select the “Reset ZenStudio” option.

When asked “Do you want to continue?” simply select “Yes” and zen Studio will close and reset the programs temporarily stored AppData.