Zen Studio (1.5.0 Build 24)

  • Added zenstudio:// url hook (check manual for more details)
  • Added analog Sim for MK (HIP Movement Control)
  • Added PS5 output protocol
  • Added support for PS5_MUTE button get_val(PS5_MUTE) / set_val(PS5_MUTE, 100)
  • Added splash screen at startup
  • Updated to .NET Framework 4.8.1,
  • Updated to TLS 1.3
  • Fixed issue when saving slot due to device being disconnected.
  • Fixed issue with slot synchronization
  • Fixed race condition when opening a GPC script
  • Fixed performance issues with the code folding feature
  • Fixed issue causing the device to be considered unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue that would potentially lead to endless loops while using a do while loop
  • Fixed issues with compiling 32-bit multi-dimensional arrays
  • Fixed issue with settings
  • Fixed various GUI improvements.

Download this version of Zen Studio here.