What’s the difference between a Cronus Zen GamePack and Script?

GamePacks are pre-configured mods created by a team of expert gamers from senior members of the Cronus Community.

There are also a number of special edition GamePacks (highlighted in Zen Studio as [PRO]), exclusively written by the famous Collective Minds’ Strike Pack team.

GPC Scripts are written by the community (or anybody that can code) and can be used in Zen Studio for custom unique features or functions. The downside to scripts is they normally have to be edited directly on the Zen itself on the tiny display, where’s GamePacks can be edited faster and easier via the GamePack Configuration Interface (or GCI). GamePacks also usually have a full detailed guide where’s scripts don’t have have to rely on YouTube videos (or Discord servers).

A few of these famous faces include Taylordrift21, Godfather (Batts) and LegitCloudzzz.