What scripts work with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?

Generally, any Call of Duty script from TaylorDrift will work with Modern Warfare II.

However, I recommend using the latest and most up to date script Official Call of Duty Competitor 3.0 EVO Zen Edition v1.01 which is free.

Update New release: Try Call of Duty Outcast Zen Edition v1.00 including MWII.
28 October 2022
Update New release: Try Call of Duty Insidious Zen Edition v1.01 Update.
7 October 2022
Update Try the brand new script Call of Duty Insidious Zen Edition.
24 September 2022

If you just want Slide Cancel use the SS Nikolai FPS script.

Just keep in mind the slide cancel feature won’t work as Modern Warfare II now uses a new slide cancel movement.


How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare II

  • Start a Tactical Sprint with your secondary weapon out.
  • Perform a slide.
  • Aim down sights.
  • Then jump to cancel the slide.

This particular method may cause unintentional mounting on walls and windows so head into the options menu and switch off the Weapon Mount Activation setting.

There’s a second way to perform a slide cancel too:

  • Initiate a slide.
  • Switch to your primary weapon.
  • Aim down sights.
  • Jump

For a closer look at slide cancelling in Modern Warfare, OpTic Texas superstar Shotzzy takes a closer look at the process in the video below.