Weapons available in Modern Warfare III, Warzone 3 and Zombies

  • Assault Rifles SVA 545 AK-556 (AK-102) CDG-58 Anvil-B MCW (ACR) Holger 556(G36C) MTZ-556 (CZ Bren) OG-58 FR 5.56
  • SMGs Rival-9 (Skorpion Evo) Striker 45 (LWRC SMG 45) Lach-9 (LWRC SMG 9) WSP-9 (Uzi) WSP Swarm SAR-9 (SAR 109T) AMR9 Striker 9
  • Battle Rifles MTZ-762 (CZ Bren 2) BAS B (SIG MCX Spear) Bushmaster ACR XM5 Sidewinder
  • Marksman Rifles CZ Bren DMR ACR DMR SL8 SVK DM56 MTZ Interceptor MCW 6.8 KVO Enforcer
  • Sniper Rifles KVB-73 KVS Terminus (RSASS) AMR-50 “CDelta”, possibly MSR KATT-AMR Longbow KV Inhibitor
  • LMGs MG 36 QBZ 95 LSW PKM PKP FN EVOLYS Pulemyot 762 OG-58 LSW Holger 26 Bruen Mk9 TAQ Eradicator
  • Shotguns Lockwood 680 Haymaker Riveter
  • Pistols Glock 21 Micro Uzi RHs 12 M93 Raffica CDR-45 Renetti TYR
  • Launchers RGL-80

Weapons added during Season 02.

Two new Weapons debut at the helm of Season 2 with two specialized additions arriving later in-season.

  • BP50 (Assault Rifle)
    • A modular bullpup chambered in 5.56. Tear down the competition with a high rate of fire and exceptional accuracy for dominating at mid to long ranges.
  • RAM-9 (Submachine Gun)
    • More maneuverable and agile than its assault rifle counterpart, this bullpup SMG chambered in 9mm is lethal at close range.
  • SOA Subverter (Battle Rifle, In-Season)
    • Chambered in 7.62, this hard-hitting rifle dominates at mid to longer ranges thanks to a low rate of fire and predictable recoil.
  • Soulrender (Melee, In-Season)
    • A ceremonial blade capable of razor-sharp cuts and deadly melee action in close-quarters combat.

Weapons added during Season 01.

  • RAM-7
    • Exceptionally compact, this bullpup assault rifle sports a lightweight, polymer frame and is chambered in versatile 5.56.
    • Unlockable via Sector A7 of the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • XRK Stalker
    • Stalk your prey and lay them out with this tactical sniper rifle chambered in .50 Cal. 
    • Unlockable via Sector A4 of the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • Stormender
    • This state-of-the-art weapon system fires a localized EMP on a slight delay. Destroys tactical and lethal equipment and temporarily disables other electronic devices. 
    • Unlockable via Sector A12 of the Season 1 Battle Pass