Should I buy a Strike Pack or Cronus Zen?

In my personal opinion – Yes and no.

You shouldn’t be buying a Strike Pack after November 2020.

However, you should be buying a Strike Pack after November 2020. Confused? Let me explain!

This purely comes down to the reasoning behind the purchase. If you’re buying the Strike Pack for cheap alternative paddles vs SCUF’s $250 USD or don’t fancy doing controller MODs yourself, then yes absolutely! It’s a cheap alternative.

If you’re buying a Strike Pack for Aim Assist or Anti-Recoil I’d personally suggest you save the money and purchase a Cronus Zen instead.

The StrikePack GamePacks are getting slower and slower at being updated, ModPass is a yearly subscription fee and Cronus Zen supports more devices including PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

With a Cronus Zen you can use many many scripts which are updated nearly monthly sometimes weekly and work across multiple titles and platforms.

Consider reading StrikePack vs CronusMAX vs Cronus Zen before following our recommended devices and peripherals.