Scripts With Virtual Machine Speed Configuration

This setting allows advanced users to customize the update speed of the script running on the Virtual Machine (VM).

Default Setting

  • Cronus VM Default Speed: 10 milliseconds (10ms)

Adjustable Values

  • -2: Reduces VM speed to 8ms – My personal choice.
  • -4: Reduces VM speed to 6ms
  • -6: Reduces VM speed to 4ms

Note: Setting values lower than this is not advisable for the following reasons:

  • Hardware limitations, such as your controller, may cause bottlenecks.
  • For Xbox controllers used on PC, input delays may increase when setting values lower than -2.

Additional Considerations for Input Delay

  • If you are concerned about input delays and use a wired headset connected to your controller, consider switching to a wireless headset for optimal performance.

Risks and Disclaimers

  • Exceeding the communication capabilities of your platform or controller offers no benefits.
  • Incorrect VM speed settings can result in input delays and other errors, even if the VM speed appears to match your platform’s capabilities.
  • Do not change VM Speed if your are playing with MnK on your Zen.
  • Adjusting VM Speed changes every speed/time calculation in the script

There is zero benefit setting it to faster than your platform can read/perform.

Xbox One-2 (8ms)
PlayStation 4|5-6 (4ms)
Xbox X|S-8 (2ms)
PC (Battlenet/Steam)-9 (1ms)
Important Disclaimer: Setting the incorrect VM speed can result in the reverse effect and increase input delay and catch you off-guard. Faster is not necessarily better.