Scripts With Hstlr Shapeshifter

The Hstlr Shapeshifter allows you to set different Aim Assist (AA) shapes based on the right stick’s position. You set two maximum thresholds to activate different shapes as you move the stick.

Setting Max Thresholds and Shapes

  1. Max Threshold 1
    • Explanation: Defines the starting point for the first AA shape.
      • Default Starting Point: Begins at 0 for minimum right stick movement.
        • Set Value: You set this to any desired value, for example, 20.
  1. Shape 1
    • Explanation: This shape is active when your right stick position is between 0 and the Max Threshold 1 value (e.g., 0 to 20).
  1. Max Threshold 2
    • Explanation: Begins where Max Threshold 1 ends.
      • Set Value: You define this to any desired value beyond Max Threshold 1, for example, 40.
  2. Shape 2
    • Explanation: Activates when your right stick position is between Max Threshold 1 and Max Threshold 2 (e.g., 20 to 40).
  1. Beyond Max Threshold 2
    • Explanation: If you move the right stick beyond Max Threshold 2, a third shape activates.
  2. Shape 3
    • Explanation: This shape is active from the point where Max Threshold 2 ends up to the maximum stick position of 100.

Additional Requirements

  • Taylor Assist
    • Explanation: This feature needs to be enabled for using the Hstlr Shapeshifter effectively.