Scripts With Dynamic Sensitivity

Goal is to modify the sensitivity curve of your right stick in real-time. This gives players the ability to better control aim and movement in various gameplay scenarios.

Activation Conditions

  • Initial Sensitivity Types:
  • This is the base sensitivity setting that serves as a starting point for dynamic adjustments. You have four options:
    • ADS Only: Only while aiming down sights.
    • ADS & FIRE: While aiming and firing.
    • FIRE ONLY: Only while firing your weapon.
    • General Sensitivity: Base sensitivity during normal gameplay.
  • Sensitivity Threshold:
  • This value (e.g., 40) specifies the amount of right stick movement required to activate dynamic sensitivity. It acts as a gatekeeper, preventing unwanted sensitivity changes during small stick movements.

Activation Examples

  • Example Scenario:
  • If your “Initial Sensitivity” for ADS is set to 60, and your “Sensitivity Threshold” is at 80:
    • Dynamic sensitivity will be triggered when you move the right stick beyond the 80-mark, causing the sensitivity curve to adapt from the initial setting of 60 to the maximum sensitivity value set.


  • Sens Threshold:
  • This is your activation point, set as a value (e.g., 40). Once your right stick movement crosses this threshold, dynamic sensitivity kicks in to modify the sensitivity curve.
  • Max Sens:
  • This is your upper limit (e.g., 80). Upon activation, the sensitivity curve will be altered to gradually reach this maximum value, allowing for more precise control.

Variable Definitions

  • AdsSens:
  • This is your starting sensitivity when you are aiming down sights (ADS). For example, if set to 60, dynamic sensitivity will start altering the curve from this point when activated.
  • AdsFireSens:
  • This is your initial sensitivity during both aiming and firing. For example, if set to 40, this is where the curve will start when you are both aiming and firing.
  • FireSens:
  • This is your starting point when only firing your weapon. For example, if set to 40, this is where the dynamic sensitivity curve will initiate.
  • GeneralSens:
  • This is your base sensitivity during regular gameplay without any aiming or firing. For example, if set to 20, this serves as the initial point for dynamic adjustments.

Dynamic vs Static Sensitivity

  • Comparative Analysis:
  • Dynamic Sensitivity is designed for those who want a variable sensitivity curve for finer control during different gameplay actions.
  • “Taylor Sens” offers a static sensitivity setting, which doesn’t adjust in real-time based on stick movement, giving you a consistent but less adaptive control scheme.