Scripts With Custom Sensitivity

This feature allows for advanced customization of mouse sensitivity beyond what is natively available within the game.

Sensitivity Scale Explained

  • 100: Equates to the default in-game sensitivity setting.
  • Below 100: Reduces the sensitivity relative to the in-game default.
  • Above 100: Increases the sensitivity beyond the in-game default.

Sensitivity Modifiers for Specific Scenarios

  • General Sensitivity: Affects your cursor sensitivity during general movements within the game environment.
  • Aiming Down Sights (Ads) Sensitivity: Controls your cursor sensitivity while aiming down sights. Note: This can be used as an alternative to the in-game ADS sensitivity setting.
  • Hip Fire Sensitivity: Applies to your cursor sensitivity during hip fire. This setting is unique to this modification.
  • ADS & Fire Sensitivity: This setting impacts your cursor sensitivity when both aiming down sights and firing. This is also unique to this modification.