Scripts With Ceorin AA

Latest versions of Ceorin AA focuses solely on emulating LS movement using a polar coordinate-based AA to draw the shape on LS to engage the in-game Rotational Assist.

  1. Strength
    • Explanation: Minimum of 25 or higher needed to engage Rotational AA.
  1. Speed
    • Explanation: Adjusts the speed of LS movement.
      • Lower Value: Slower movement.
      • Higher Value: Faster movement.

Admin Recommended Starting Values for New Version

  • Size: 25
  • Speed: 50

Previous editions of Ceorin AA

Ceorin AA Mod offers two options for engaging in-game Aim Assist (AA) — one for the left stick and another for both the left and right sticks.

Operational Modes

  1. Left Stick Only
    • Explanation: Engages Rotational AA by shaking the Left Stick (LS).
  2. Left & Right Stick
    • Explanation: Shakes both the Left Stick (LS) and Right Stick (RS), similar to Batts-AA, to engage all available in-game AA types.


  1. Strength
    • Explanation: Determines how much the left/right stick moves. A value of 20 means 20% stick movement.
  2. Time
    • Explanation: Dictates the speed of stick movement.
    • Lower Value: Faster movement.
    • Higher Value: Slower movement.
  1. Boost Size
    • Explanation: Increases stick movement strength when firing. Provides more control over screen shake.

Admin Recommended Starting Values

  • Original Version
    • Size: 25
      • Speed: 20
  • New Version
    • Size: 25
      • Speed: 20
      • Boost Size: 10