Information regarding TaylorDrift21 Cronus Zen community scripts

I feel it’s important to share some information regarding TD21.

TaylorDrift is the GPC 🐐 with some of the highest quality and well respected scripts from the Cronus Zen community.

How much do they cost?

Absolutely nothing! All TaylorDrift21 scripts are totally free with no paywall or subscriptions. You can download them by following this link.

Why are TD21 scripts released late?

TaylorDrift21 started offering “Early Access” to scripts before general release to the public. Therefore as a result of this and respecting his donation scheme (donations are always welcome but not necessary) I won’t publish them on the website until they are generally available to everyone. This is why ScottishTryHard 6.x was posted late.

Although I could donate, get early access and publish here early and “Peak” in traffic or whatever releasing the script before TaylorDrift21 wouldn’t be fair to Taylor himself and those that have donated and appreciated and valued his time and efforts.

What’s the difference between downloading from TD21 Discord and

Absolutely nothing! I don’t modify the program or code in any way, shape, or form. I’m simply sharing them to more people including those that don’t use Discord.