How To Join Cronus Zen Beta

This article is heavily outdated now that Cronus Beta is open to everybody. We recommd you following the new guide How to upgrade to Cronus Beta instead.

This step-by-step guide will tell you how to join the Cronus Zen Beta Program.

Step 1. If you haven’t done so already, register your Cronus Zen using the Community Forums. See how to register Zen guide.

You’ve likely already done this step unless you’ve only just purchased. Use the #cronus-registration channel.

Step 2 If you haven’t done so already, join the Cronus Zen Discord Server.

Step 3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the channels list and look for “Cronus Zen Open Beta” and open the #welcome channel.

From here react to the Cronus BOT’s “Join The Beta” button to get the Zen Beta role. You only do this once.

Step 4. Under “Cronus Zen Open Beta” open the “-resources” channel and download the latest version of Zen Studio Beta (v1.2.1 Beta 13)

Download and install Zen Studio like you would normally Install a program. You may get a false positive warning of a potential dangerous download just click “Download Anyway” 

Step 5. Download the Collective Minds Update Tool (Windows 7+) or for macOS v10.15 or higher.

Step 6. It’s update Zen time! Open the Update Tool and then connect the USB cable into the back of the Cronus Zen (short Micro-B) and while plugging in the USB cable into the PC hold the reset button on the bottom/base of the Cronus Zen while connecting. You should see “Zen Bootloader” on the screen.

Where it says “Use the Latest Version Available” uncheck this (toggle off) and manually select 2.0.3-beta.105 and click Continue > Begin Update. Now “Start Over” and this time when asked “Use the Latest Version Available” uncheck this again and manually select 2.1.0 Beta.22 and click Continue > Begin Update. You’re now on the latest Beta Firmware! Detailed guide here.

Step 7. Hard reset time baby. With nothing connected to the Zen, press and hold down both of the Cronus Zen left and right blue buttons (do no release) while still holding connect a micro-USB cable from Zen’s rear CONSOLE USB Port to your PC. Keep both the P1 and P2 blue buttons held down for at least 4 seconds until the Zen RGB LEDs start to flash RED-GREEN-BLUE. The Collective Minds gear head logo will now display on the Zen OLED Message Screen indicating your Zen is fully functional again. You’ve now Hard Reset your Zen!

Step 8. Scrub Zen o’clock. Use the Scrub Zen Clean-up Tool to do this automatically for you or manually delete the the %AppData%\CronusZen folder. You can find this from the taskbar start menu via search. More Information here.

Step 9. There is no step 9! You’re all done and now on the latest Beta of Cronus Zen! Enjoy. The current known script for 32bit GPC is the newest ScottishTryHard BETA (free) which supports Beta and uses the new 32bit.

Updated: 28/02/2022.