How do I cancel my subscription/membership?

Heads up! Do not confuse the Elite Membership (Managed by Cancellation) with the Podia (Managed by Lethal Panda) platform. This is a completely different platform, which is not linked or connected to Podia and is a separate service managed by LethalPanda himself. I (Cancellation) have zero control over PandaAim, AimLock, Extreme Scripts, Spreadsheets and have no access to Podia so will not be able to cancel, modify or edit your Podia membership for you.

Cancelling your membership depends how you signed up! We currently offer two different subscription methods on – One is using Patreon and the other is directly through the website – powered by Stripe.

You can easily cancel at any time – no questions asked, regardless!

If you purchased via Patreon

Please see this article from Patreon on how to cancel your pledge. Our customer support agents can’t do this for you.

If you purchased via

If you subscribed to Elite via the LethalPanda website (via Stripe) just visit this page to proceed with the cancellation request and follow the steps. Examples can be found below.

Remember your membership is revoked immediately – not at the end of the billing period. You will instantly lose access to all features/perks included with Elite. Because of this we strongly recommend cancelling one-day before your expiration date – which can be found here under the “Expiration” column.

Below is an example of what to expect and the confirmation you will be shown once you have successfully cancelled your membership.

Keep in mind as per our Terms & Conditions digital products can’t be returned or refunded, as they are downloadable, licensed, or accessed on a subscription basis.

For full terms regarding Refunds & Billing see: Terms & Conditions including our Refunds Policy.

Our customer support agents are unable to cancel your subscription for you due to the plugin we use for our billing does not support this functionally. You can of course cancel your membership via following the steps above.