Does my Elite Status Membership Include Apex Legends?


Unfortunately, since Elite is managed and controlled by Cancellation (not Lethal Panda) as explained below – Cancellation doesn’t play Apex Legends so it’s impossible to Include this with your membership tier.

See the what scripts are supported in Elite Spreadsheets? article. Although it’s not really “Spreadsheets” this is just a popular term in the Zen community and what it’s referred as.

Heads-up! Don’t confuse the Elite Membership (Managed by Cancellation) with the Podia (Managed by Lethal Panda) platform. This is a completely different platform, which isn’t connected to Podia and a separate service managed by LethalPanda himself. I (Cancellation) have zero control over PandaAim, AimLock, Extreme Scripts, Spreadsheets and have no access to Podia so will not be able to cancel, modify or edit your membership or provide help/support with this.