Do you still offer spreadsheets?

Yes, LethalPanda offers spreadsheets via Podia.

Keep in mind spreadsheets (like extreme scripts) are managed, updated and offered by Lethal Panda (Sachin) himself. Not Cancellation – I won’t be able to assist with this and can’t cancel or manage your membership on your behalf.

The overview of different tiers available on Podia are: 

  • Basic Plan
    $120 USD, 4 files 2 scripts with 2 spreadsheets
  • Extreme Scripts
    $250 USD, 103 files
  • Ultimate Aim Assist
    $300 USD, 20 files aim assist values for scripts
  • Ultra Spreadsheets
    $160 USD, 84 files.

You can signup to the Podia platform by following this link. If you need to cancel you can manage your Podia membership here.

Heads-up! Don’t confuse the Elite Membership with the Podia platform. This is a completely different platform, which isn’t connected to Podia and a separate service managed by LethalPanda himself. I (Cancellation) have no control over spreadsheets and no access to Podia so will not be able to cancel, modify or edit your membership or provide help/support with this.