Cronus Zen Studio Beta Update Procedure


Every time there is a new beta release of Zen Studio, you must delete the CronusZenBeta folder manually if you have installed a previous version.

Zen Studio BETA temporary directory is %AppData%\CronusZenBeta – You can navigate to this folder easily in Windows 10 or Windows 11 by using the search feature within Windows Taskbar.
Starting from Zen Studio v1.2.1 BETA 119 you can now do this directly within Zen Studio software.
2nd November 2022.

This is purposefully different from the public version to keep them separate.

To begin, you must first perform a hard reset to your Cronus Zen. This will reset your Zen to factory defaults and wipe all memory slots.

  • With nothing connected to the Zen, press and hold down both P1 and P2 buttons – don’t let go!
  • Connect a micro-USB cable from Zen’s rear CONSOLE USB PORT to your Windows PC
  • Keep both the P1 and P2 blue buttons held down for at least 5 seconds until the Zen RGB LEDs start to flash RED, GREEN, BLUE.
  • The Collective Minds gear head logo will now display on the Zen OLED Message Screen indicating the reset was successful.

You must download the Collective Minds Firmware Update Tool for Windows – you will first downgrade the firmware before upgrading.

  • The Zen should already be connected to your PC so hold down the small blue reset button on the bottom of the Zen for 2 seconds until the Zen OLED Message Screen displays Zen Bootloader. As soon as the RGB LEDs start to glow – let go of the reset button.
  • Open the firmware update tool – cmupdatetool.exe
  • The update tool will display ‘Collective Minds Cronus ZEN’, the serial number and current firmware version. Click on it.
  • Slide the ‘Use the Latest Version Available’ toggle to the left to view all the available firmware versions.
  • You first need to downgrade to the oldest firmware version from the bottom of the list 2.0.3-beta.105 click Continue then Begin Update, once the firmware downgrade has successfully completed, the Zen’s RGB LEDs will flash RED, GREEN, BLUE.
  • Once the downgrade has completed, you can now select the newest beta firmware version from the very top of the list v2.1.0 Beta.35 click Continue then Begin Update, once the firmware upgrade has successfully completed, the Zen’s RGB LEDs will flash RED, GREEN, BLUE.