Clear BlueTooth Devices

Bluetooth pairings can become corrupt causing controller disconnections. Especially if you have ever paired more than one device which can sometimes result in cross contamination. We have included a function to erase all BT pairing history from the Zen, however it requires a couple of steps.

  1. The device you wish to unpair? Turn it’s power off (if it’s a controller, hold down the XBOX/PS button for 5-15 seconds until the LED turns off).
  2. Open Zen Studio, click the Device Tab and press the Clear BT Devices button.
  3. You’ll get a popup asking if you wish to clear Bluetooth Device. Click yes until the taskbar says “All registered bluetooth devices have been cleared” (see image below).
  4. Now disconnect all USB cables from the Cronus Zen.
  5. It’s now important to pair the device to something else other than the Zen, or it will continually try to pair to the Zen causing controller disconnections.
  6. Once that is done you can start using your Zen again.