Can i get banned for using Collective Minds Strike Pack / Cronus Zen?

Although we’ve seen zero evidence of anyone being banned/punished for using a Collective Minds Strike Pack and/or Cronus Zen. It’s on you. Sachyp (“Lethal Panda”), the Panda Gang and Team aren’t responsible. See the boring legal stuff (Disclaimer).

Using mods with any online service is always a risk and there are no guarantees. However, Cronus Zen uses a stealth technology that has been 100% fully undetectable online since 2013 due to how we use an original controller for its security ID. Unlike with some other adapters, the console believes that you are gaming with a controller meant for the console you are playing on and any scripts or mods simply mimic button, stick and trigger presses/movements automatically. However as always, when using any kind of mods or scripts, you do so at your own risk.

We do recommend you don’t go too crazy though, as other players may scream at you for owning them so easily and if enough of them complain you will of course run the risk of being banned – not so much on console, but definitely on PC – as hacking is rampant and they will ban anyone that has enough complaints, even though Cronus isn’t hacking or doing anything that the game itself doesn’t allow.

Update: Playing Fortnite? You may receive a Restricted Hardware Warning in Fortnite.
Saturday, 24 September 2022