Clear & Reinstall Call of Duty Shaders Cache

You can delete and reinstall all GPU Driver shader cache via two methods. I personally prefer to do the manual method.

If you have recently updated your Graphics Driver or changed some of the in-game graphics settings in Call of Duty, then this could cause graphics issues. But restarting the shader cache can help fix these issues:

  • Crashes
  • Blurry graphics
  • Stuttering
  • Dev errors
  • Textures messed up or not loading properly

The shader cache is a temporary location where Call of Duty stores some data, which will help improve the loading time and performance of the game.

Game Menu.


Warning! The game must be completely closed before doing this.

Go to your Call of Duty game folder in your installation driver (default is C:/), go to retail, go to shadercache, and delete all the files inside this folder, and relaunch your game. Let the shaders optimize before jumping into another game.