Call of Duty MWII RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Update – Unsupported External Hardware

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone (2.0) added a new Unsupported External Hardware Warning on 4th April 2023 in an attempt to block Cronus Max and Cronus Zen devices.

Season 05 Reloaded.

I have so far been able to successfully use the Cronus Zen on Warzone (2.0) without any warnings or bans on PC. As a result of this success Elite content will be freshly updated on Season 06 Launch, September 27 at 9 AM PT across all platforms.

Be advised, continued use of Cronus Zen on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone (2.0) is at your own risk. Don’t go crazy.
Updated 24TH September 2023
The RICOCHET Team have once again updated Call of Duty’s ANTICHEAT, source RICOCHET ANTI-CHEAT PROGRESS REPORT – SEASON 04 UPDATE page.

Season 04 Update:
Within the first two weeks of launching this detection we saw a 59% drop in any use of these devices across Modern Warfare II and Warzone – inclusive of MWII Ranked Play (Warzone Ranked had not launched within this window). Of those users, 57% of them did not utilize the device again, whereas 43% once again attempted to circumvent the policy.

Repeat offenders and those continuing to use these devices without pause have been penalized. Malicious use of these devices may result in account suspensions – up to permanent account bans.

Continued use of Cronus Zen on Call of Duty MWII and Warzone 2.0 is at your own risk.

Updated 29th June 2023
We currently have no new updated evidence that Cronus Zen is yet UNDETECTABLE. We are still seeing temporarily bans happening across MWII and Warzone 2.0

Elite Status is currently displaying a warning and has not yet been updated since Anti-Cheat update (4 Apr 2023).
Updated 26th May 2023
We concluded a quick “Has MWII or Warzone 2 detected YOUR Cronus Zen yet?” Poll with 1-hour results in our Discord to get a quick overview of the percentage of players being detected. Here are the results of the Poll (Imgur) opens in a new tab.
Updated 10th April 2023
Continued use of the Cronus Zen on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 is at your own risk. We’re seeing bans being issued for 24 hours then when the timer ends it resets to 167 hours!
Updated 7th April 2023
Latest Information regarding RICOCHET Anti-Cheat
We have heard from members using just Anti Recoil and low Aim Assist strength (less shake in kill cams) and no misc mods might reduce your odds of getting banned, unconfirmed. You will first be temporary banned (24-167 hours) if you’re detected. After 3 soft (“temporary”) bans – It will be a permanent HWID ban.
Updated 7th April 2023
Latest Information regarding RICOCHET Anti-Cheat
Play WIRED via Cronus Zen’s A1 port and do not leave the PROG (mini-USB) cable connected or have Zen Studio open.
Updated 5th April 2023


Team RICOCHET has developed and tested a detection for third-party hardware devices that alter the Call of Duty gameplay experience. These devices act as a passthrough for controllers on PC and console and, when used improperly or maliciously, can provide a player with the ability to gain an unfair gameplay advantage, such as reducing or eliminating recoil.

Testing is complete: This detection is deployed globally on all platforms.

Users across PC or console who are detected to be using third-party hardware devices to impact the Modern Warfare II or Warzone 2.0 gameplay experience will first see a warning about the improper use of these devices (screen below).

Continued improper use of these devices may lead to additional warnings, the deployment of mitigations, account or feature suspensions, or the banning of the offending account across Call of Duty titles, per our Security and Enforcement Policy.

We will continue to monitor this new detection’s effectiveness and update our systems against further circumvention over time.

We know players have been asking us to examine the improper use of these devices and we’re happy to lay the foundation for this detection to protect against unfair play across PC and console.


The videos represent previously revealed mitigations that are currently active in both Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0, with other unannounced surprises deployed and in testing or planning.

Mitigations are used to negatively impact the experience of cheaters, while also giving our team the opportunity to collect valuable data from the bad actors. This intel provides the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat team with valuable information to help combat their behaviour in the future.